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BushProof is an award-winning social-enterprise that dramatically lowers the cost of constructing drinking water infrastructure in Madagascar, by introducing innovative drilling technologies and the local manufacture of hand pumps.

BushProof inspired the development of SaniTap so that communities without access to running water could still have access to home hand-washing facilities. 

Previous ventures


An award winning venture that sold affordable solar-powered products to low income people, replacing expensive and environmentally damaging alternatives (kerosene lamps and batteries). 

Founded in 2008 in Madagascar, ToughStuff expanded to East, West and Central Africa, and has impacted approximately 3 million people. ToughStuff inspired the development of PoaPower, which expanded and innovated the ToughStuff technology making it more suitable for off-grid home use. 


CarboCo developed improved cookstove technologies for people throughout the developing world in order to fight indoor air pollution, creating wealth, improving health and protecting the environment.

CarboCo provided the foundation and valuable knowledge and insight required to form the Charcoal Cooking Fuel Company (CFC), currently providing sustainable cooking fuels to low income households in Madagascar.


  • BushProof: The 2005 World Bank Global Development Marketplace Award
  • BushProof; ToughStuff: The 2006 & 2009 Global Social Benefit Incubator, Santa Clara University
  • ToughStuff: The 2010 TechAwards
  • ToughStuff: International Winner of the 2011 Ashden Awards
  • ToughStuff: The 2011 GSMA Global Mobile Awards, Best Product for Underserved Segments
  • ToughStuff: The 2012 World Business and Development Awards