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Internet services and provision across sub-Saharan Africa can be expensive and pretty poor, especially in more remote communities who have very little access to communication services. Startle is piloting the provision of internet services to remote and urban customers using radiowaves. Services will be free to public schools and health clinics, with businesses and individuals paying less for a better quality service than the current market offerings.  To find out more about this project, contact us below.





Growing consumption of meat in Kenya has increased demand for animal feeds, placing strain on the supply of human foods (maize) and ocean fish (both of which are used as livestock feed).  Startle is developing an innovative process to isolate high-protein ingredients and other useful constituents from the highly invasive Prosopis juliflora tree (used in our current venture Tinder Eco Fuels Co.) and process this into nutritious, affordable quality feeds for livestock. To find our more about this project contact us below.