Current Ventures


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Startle sells the patent-pending ‘SaniTap’, which makes it practical to wash hands in the absence of running water. The SaniTap solves the problem of the high incidence of transmissible disease that can be prevented by the washing of hands with soap. SaniTap addresses the devastating high child mortality rates in regions where under 5s are particularly susceptible to disease.

tinder eco fuels

Tinder addresses mass deforestation by providing urban consumers in Kenya with a high quality cooking fuel produced from the invasive Prosopis juliflora. This tree damages fragile dryland ecosystems, reduces biodiversity, invades farms and harms livestock. Local communities earn equitable incomes by harvesting the wood, which is then efficiently carbonised into high quality charcoal. This is then sold to urban consumers who use it as a cooking fuel, thereby reducing the pressure on dwindling natural forests.


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PoaPower provides abundantaffordable solar-powered electricity and lighting to off-grid consumers in Kenya through our all-in-one Home Power Station (HPS). The HPS powers an array of appliances and gives consumers the valuable "on-grid" experience. Unlike other off-grid power suppliers, PoaPower is unique as consumers only pay for the power they use and not the equipment. 

the Clean cooking fuel company (CCFC)

CCFC provides households with modern, clean and efficient gasifying stoves for free, in exchange for customer commitment to purchasing CCFC's sustainable, high quality cooking fuel (wood pellets). CCFC produces wood pellets from invasive, fast-growing, regenerative, widespread biomass. CCFC has operations in both Madagascar and Kenya, aiming to protect these valuable and unique forested regions from further deforestation as a result of the extensive harvesting of trees for the production of cooking fuel. Find out more about CCFC below.