Tinder EcoFuels: From Pest to Power

Startle venture, Tinder Eco Fuels, exclusively uses an invasive, fast growing tree species; Prosopis juliflora to produce sustainable charcoal. Prosopis is a widespread and abundant tree and has been identified as a national "pest" in Kenya, destroying agricultural land - it's commercial utilisation is actively encouraged by the Kenyan authorities.

Mass deforestation across the African continent is a massive concern as a majority of the population rely on charcoal as their fuel source, as alternatives such as electricity or LPG are too expensive. With a growing population and increasing urbanisation, charcoal consumption is on the rise, and therefore so is the destruction of valuable forested regions which are being lost at a devastating rate, and driving climate change.

Tinder's innovative business model takes a pest and turns it into power. Read more here about this exciting venture.